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Learning from nature.


Obstacle avoidance in honeybees

We are fascinated by how animals fly, navigate and solve complex problems!

Our research focuses on seeking insights into the sensorimotor systems of animals that enable complex behaviours like flight, navigating long distances, working together in groups/swarms, etc..

Using animals like bees and birds as inspirational and prototypical models we are always looking to design and engineer smarter robots.

Towards these goals, we strive to conduct multi-disciplinary research that crosses between engineering, organismal biology and robotics.

Please feel free to check out the different areas we are working on under the "Research" tab

Research Topics

An incomplete list of topics we are currently working on

  1. Biomechanics and neuroethology of insect flight

  2. Biomechanics of insect stingers and ovipositors

  3. Development of bio-inspired micro-surgical devices

  4. Aerial navigation through complex spatial environments.

  5. Flight stabilization in unsteady/adverse conditions

News & Events

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